Physical Education

The Basin Primary School site consists of 13 acres of beautiful grounds and numerous facilities to accommodate a wide range of physical activities, both indoor and outdoor. We have 2 ovals, 2 basketball/netball courts and a soccer pitch.  A magnificent new indoor basketball/netball stadium is due to be completed this year.

We place a strong emphasis on Physical and Sport Education at The Basin Primary School. We believe that children enjoy regular exercise, and physical fitness assists children with their learning in all areas.

All grades have 2 Physical Education lessons a week. Students in Grades 3/4 and 5/6 also have an extra hour long sport session. The acquisition of fundamental motor skills is a major focus, particularly in Grades P/1/2. These skills can then be utilised in minor and major games and a wide variety of sports as students’ progress through the middle and upper grades.

Inter-School sport is BIG at The Basin Primary School. Students have the opportunity to play netball, basketball, soccer, rugby, football, tennis, volleyball, cricket, racquetball, rounders, softball and tee-ball. Our sporting teams not only have the opportunity to compete at District level, but they frequently progress to contest Division, Region and even State levels of competition. Our swimmers, athletes and cross country runners also have the opportunity to follow a similar path. Students always represent our school with great pride, enthusiasm and a ‘never give up” approach. The success of our sporting teams and individuals is not only evidenced by such positive involvement, but also by the mass of pennants and trophies that decorate the foyer walls in our administration area.

The Basin Primary School is also committed to providing our students with all the “added extras” that the children thrive on. Examples include: House Cross Country Event, Twilight Athletics Sports, Early Morning Start Program.

If your child loves sport, then they are sure to love The Basin Primary School!