Student Support

Enrichment and Support Programs

At The Basin Primary School we have a range of School Support officers who visit our school on a regular basis, they include a Speech Pathologist, Psychologist and Chaplain.

We also have an occupational therapist who focuses on fine motor development, hand movements and pencil grip. Cost is involved in this program.

Literacy Lab
Our Literacy Lab is designed to support low ability students primarily in the areas of reading, phonics, letter identification and strengthening connections between these. Students in groups of 3 or 4 meet on a regular basis with a trained support staff member and practice their reading skills by using a range of reading materials and strategies.

Extension Programs
Last year our school introduced the extension program Wiseones. Wiseones is designed to extend capable learners by providing challenging, project based opportunities. Students are engaged through their interests and explore areas of interests further in great detail.

We also offer many different extra curricular activities to allow our students to explore learning in other areas. For a complete list, click here.

If you wish your child to have an appointment with any of our School Support Officers or know more information on our programs, please speak to your child's teacher or the Office.