Student Leadership

The Principal was delighted to announce the results of the various captain roles for 2019.  We are all very proud of our student leaders and confident the elected students will represent The Basin Primary School admirably.

School Captains – Max N & Teannah R

Performing Arts Captains – Skyla E & Payton A
German Captains – Flynn R & Kyria B
Visual Arts Captains – Taylor C & Hayley A
Science Captains – Hayden N & Ella R

House Captains
Ferndale House – Riley M & Lara Y
Miller House – Zavier E & Jamie D
Doongala House – Nate K & Scarlett S
Chandler House – Kade T & Tahlia M

House Vice Captains
Ferndale House – Willem B & Lily J
Miller House – Fraser B & Jacqueline G
Doongala House – Isaac W & Olivia C
Chandler House – Taj S & Zoe H

Junior School Council
The Junior School Council (JSC) is made up of two students (a boy and a girl) from each level from years Prep through to Grade 6. Two Grade 6 students were elected Junior School Council Captains and they chair each meeting, take minutes and assist in coordinating JSC events. Students participate in regular meetings twice a term to discuss issues and to organise and run school activities such as fundraising days and events. Junior School Council also provides feedback to the School Leadership Team or PFA on a variety of areas. One fantastic initiative developed by the 2017 JSC involved the creation of a feedback box located in the office where every student could suggest ideas for the JCS to discuss and implement.

Prep:        Lincoln Y - PD, Ahsley P - PT
Grade 1:   Heath C - IE, Milly R - 1S
Grade 2:   Mason J - 2W, Nelly S - 2SM
Grade 3:   Cooper M - 3P, Lola D - 3P
Grade 4:   Jayden H - 4D, Yvette W - 4D
Grade 5:   Cohen C - 5M, Teah S - 5P
Grade 6 Captains:   Zane S - 6C, Millie P - 6L