TERM 2 2024



After a fabulous start to the year we look forward to Term 2.

Social and emotional wellbeing will continue to be developed through the Play Is The Way (PITW) approach to help the students to develop their resilience and respectful relationships during these wellbeing games based lessons.



In Term 2 students will continue to participate in engaging literacy tasks that support them to develop their reading, writing, spelling and oral speaking. Students will continue to further develop their alphabet knowledge. They will be encouraged to recognise the letters and sounds of the words they learn and write the words independently.


Handwriting practise will remain a key focus throughout the day in all classrooms. We will be focusing on the correct formation and attempting to sit letters on a base line.

It is also fabulous to see the children becoming increasingly confident with their high frequency words. It is a great idea to write these words on flashcards and play simple games with them.


Home Reading

We encourage you to keep reading daily with your children. Have them read to you, read to them and read together. Please record this reading in the home reading diary. Reading at home should be fun, so the books your child brings home will be easier than the ones they are reading at school.


Please try and hear your child read nightly to assist with confidence, fluency and word recognition.



Maths lessons this term will further develop students’ numeracy skills in meaningful and engaging activities. Students will explore the collection of data, learn the days of the week and words to describe time, explore shapes, learn ordinal numbers, subitise numbers to 10 and then beyond and continue to learn counting strategies and digit formations with numbers to 10 and beyond. Our Maths program encompasses a variety of teaching and learning strategies that develop the student’s mathematical skills and language. We start off each session with a warm up game, following this, we will engage the students in an activity, allowing them to make decisions and use their problem-solving skills.


Challenge Based Learning

This term the Preps will focus on Living Things – Our Animal Friends. We will be investigating animal diversity, life cycles of animals and their habitats. A highlight will be an excursion to Chesterfield Farm in Week 2.



The Preps and their Grade 5 buddies will continue to work together each week strengthening their connection. The Grade 5 buddies will continue to provide assistance and support for our Preps to ensure they have a smooth transition into school life.  We can’t wait to participate in many engaging ‘getting to know you’ activities and games throughout the year.


Show and Share

All Prep students are encouraged to take part in ‘Show and Share’ to help develop their communication skills. Each child will be allocated a day throughout the week to present their Show and Share. A roster will be sent home in the next couple of weeks with your child’s allocated day and the topics for the rest of the term.  Show and Share will commence in the coming weeks. More information to come.