Grade 1

GRADE 1 - TERM 2 2024


Welcome back to Term 2! We hope everyone enjoyed a safe and relaxing holiday. We have loved hearing about the wonderful adventures that our students have had and the many memories they have made with families and friends throughout the holidays. It has been wonderful welcoming them back to classrooms. It has been encouraging to see that students have settled quickly and easily into classroom routines across the level - we are so proud of them!


As the cooler weather sets in, we are looking forward to exploring our CBL topic, ‘Heath: Happy, Healthy Me’. We’ll be expanding and deepening our understanding of numbers, pattern, shape and space, while continuing to develop skills and build knowledge in reading, spelling and writing.



In Reading, students will continue to build their knowledge and understanding of reading strategies. Decoding to improve accuracy, improving fluency using expression and phrasing, and making connections to texts to deepen their understanding, will be areas of focus. All while helping to expand students’ vocabulary through ‘good fit books’ and questioning.


In Writing, students will continue to focus on different writing  genres using the Writers Workshop approach with an emphasis on language conventions such as verbs, nouns, adjectives and compound words. We will also continue to focus on correct placement of capital letters and full stops and explore other punctuation.


In Spelling, the students will continue to work on spelling strategies by participating in whole class spelling lessons and in focus groups. Students will continue to look at sounds, patterns and the meanings of words.  



Students will be learning how to solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of counting strategies. Including using their new knowledge of place value to break down numbers into tens and ones, which will help them tackle addition and subtraction with confidence.


In addition, your child will become familiar with Australian coins, learning to recognize them and understand their values. They'll also start to explore the concept of time, understanding hours, minutes, and seconds, and describing their daily routines.


CBL – Health: Happy, Healthy Me!

Students will learn about ways to be happy and healthy, by understanding their bodies and how they work - inside and out! They’ll investigate how to fuel their bodies with good food to keep them strong. Students will have fun exploring movement, learning about the roles that exercise and rest play in helping us be our best. They’ll enjoy the mid-term incursion - ‘Mindful Movement’ to deepen their connection between their mind and body, to improve wellbeing.



Nightly reading is our big focus for Grade One homework. Please set aside a few minutes each day to listen to your child read and practise their reading strategies.


We will continue sending home weekly spelling words for your child to practise. They are welcome to do this in any way that helps them to learn. Each week, we will provide activity suggestions to help keep students motivated.


‘Teaching on’ is a great way to consolidate learning. By sharing the maths games and activities they learn in school with you, students are building their skills and confidence with numbers and concepts. We will continue to suggest maths games and activities each week to help this process.


Show & Tell - Students will be asked to bring items from home on a range of themes, to talk about in front of their peers. This will provide opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills.


We look forward to another fantastic term.


Kristin MacDonald, Nic Snelleksz & Mollie Taylor.