Grade 1 & 2

Nine classes, comprising of grades around 21 students, the focus is largely on foundation Literacy and Numeracy Skills and the development of physical, personal and social capabilities. Each day begins with reading in the classroom where parents are encouraged to join in. Children’s learning is supported by a daily reading intervention program, the Literacy Lab. Children also have the opportunity to have their knowledge and understanding in English and Mathematics extended through small group extension programs.

Our formal camping program starts at this level, with the annual Grade 2 sleepover (at school). Weekly Phys.Ed, German, Performing Arts and fortnightly Art and Science sessions complement the other wonderful activities experienced by the students. ICT is incorporated into everyday learning through many forms with the mindset of developing our students into 21st century citizens. Each classroom is equipped with computers and iPads. As well as Literacy, Numeracy and Integrated Studies (which includes our Challenge Based Learning), a number of other programs make up the Level 1 & 2 curriculum. The list below is just a sample of the wonderful activities our Level 1 & 2 students experience –

  • Grade 2 sleepover
  • Swimming (term 4)
  • Weekly library sessions
  • Specialist programs including PE, Visual Arts, German, Science and Performing Arts
  • Excursions and incursions
  • Biennial Whole School Concert
  • Sporting Clinics
  • House Cross Country
  • Twilight Athletics
  • Biennial visit from the Life Education Van
  • Transition program into the next grade