Grade 5

TERM 2 2024


Welcome back to Term 2! We hope all families enjoyed a lovely break over the holidays and didn’t eat too much chocolate! This term is 11 weeks long and we have plenty to pack into this time. We are looking forward to getting stuck into some great learning.



We are thrilled that our Grade 5 Camp to Cave Hill Creek will now be held in Week 7 of this term for 2 nights and 3 days on the 27th of May to the 29th of May. We would like to commend the great maturity and resilience our students displayed in the disappointment we all faced with our original camp plans being cancelled. We also express our massive gratitude to our parents and carers for their understanding and support during this time. Our students will still be involved in all our originally planned camp experiences as follows:

  • Along the way we will visit the Eureka Centre to participate in an education program.
  • Once we’re at camp, students will complete activities such as the Glider, Canoeing, Crate Climb, and many others.
  • The food is fantastic, with all dietary and allergies catered for.
  • On our way home from camp, we will be visiting Sovereign Hill for the day.


Our topic of inquiry for this term is Health - Personal, Social and Community Health. This unit has elements taken from The Resilience Project and Respectful Relationships. We will be investigating and exploring the following: - Examining the influence of emotional responses on behaviour, relationships, health and wellbeing - Practising skills to establish and manage relationships - Exploring how identities are influenced by people and places - Seeking out community resources and strategies to help with health, safety and wellbeing - Planning and practising strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing - Investigating resources to manage changes and transitions associated with puberty



This term in Reading, our Grade 5 students will continue to apply their comprehension skills to assist in their understanding of the texts they read and engage with. Our main focus for Term 2 will be our whole class novel ‘Refugee’ by Alan Gratz. Throughout the exploration of this text, students will be exposed to a variety of relevant topics including multiculturalism and health, as well as acceptance and empathy. In addition, we will also be holding regular, weekly Reading conferences in small groups which will allow students to discuss and question texts in detail.


In Grade 5 Writing, students will further develop their persuasive and imaginative writing abilities as well as enhance their skills in letter writing, poetry, and explanation writing. They will engage in various timed writing prompts for these text types to facilitate their proficiency. Our sessions will be linking in with our Refugee text as well as our CBL unit and will include publishing writing pieces on our laptops.


In Spelling, the students will be exploring various spelling strategies through word study as a class. These strategies focus on phonemes, visual cues, morphemes and etymology.



The Grade 5 team will continue to use an Open ended / problem solving approach to our teaching of maths. This term we will be focusing on Addition & Subtraction, Measurement (length, area & perimeter), Tessellation of shape, as well as Statistics. As part of our Statistics unit, we will be comparing our use of toilet paper compared to the rest of the world. It’s sure to make a ‘splash’.



Homework will continue this term and we will be using the same structure as Term 1. Students will be expected to complete 60 minutes of reading over the week, which will be recorded in a Reading Log - they can choose to spread this out over several days - as well as a Maths sheet that will allow them to revise various concepts.



During Term 2, as part of our Health unit covering the Victorian curriculum, the Grade 5 & 6 students will be having a number of Growth & Development workshop sessions. The classes will be delivered by a highly credentialed external provider - Elephant Ed. They are industry leaders in the field of puberty education with highly trained and relatable facilitators. These facilitators will be supported in each of the sessions by the classroom teachers. The program aims to enable students to make well informed, healthy choices and to develop positive behaviours that contribute to the wellbeing of self and others. The sessions will consist of the following topics:

  1. 1. Puberty - Basic components of the human reproductive system, and their functions (Grade 5/6)
  2. Embracing Change - Physical, emotional and social changes that occur during puberty (Grade 5/6)


If you have any questions or concerns please contact your child’s teacher. We look forward to another great term!


Britt Davidson, Emma Winsall, Lauren Collard and Mitch Smart