Year 7 Transition

Year 5 and 6 classes at The Basin Primary School participate in a Transition Program to ensure Secondary School Readiness.

This program consists of …..

  • The co-ordination of Secondary School applications.
  • Class discussion and activities.
  • Secondary School “Taster Classes”.
  • Visits to our neighbourhood Secondary school.
  • Visits from Secondary school staff to discuss expectations and concerns.
  • Notification of Secondary school Open Days and Information Nights.
  • Preparation of Portfolios for Year 7.


As your child is now in Grade 6, or approaching grade 6, an important decision must be made about which school your child will attend for Year 7. At the beginning of Term 2, parents of Year 6 students will be provided with the ‘Year 7 placement forms’ where you will be asked to indicate your preference for your child. But that doesn't mean that you need to wait to start making these important decisions. Our suggestion is that you do not leave it till the last minute.


Selecting a school is never an easy decision but all eligible students have the right to be placed in their designated neighbourhood school. This is the Government school nearest the student’s permanent residence. The Regional Director has the authority to effect placement of students by restricting enrolments at a school or enacting a designated boundary for a school. The form you will receive next term will identify the designated neighbourhood school applicable to your child. You will also find that some schools have capped enrolments and entry to some secondary schools has become more difficult if you live outside the zone. The choice of what school your child will attend is up to you. Here are a few suggestions that we can make in selecting a school for your child.

  1. Explore all schools in your local area.
  2. Write a list about what you want from a school for your child, family and possible other siblings to come.
  3. Visit schools' websites and develop a short list of schools to visit.
  4. Contact schools and arrange for school tours. We suggest that you take your child along with you, if not for the first visit, then arrange for a second visit with your child to schools you prefer.
  5. It is best to visit your local school just to get a feel for it, even if it is not your first choice. If all other choices cannot be met, students will be enrolled to your local designed school.

Selecting a school is a hard decision. It is important that you have a good background and understanding of the school you select and their programs before making a decision. Before going on a school tour it is important that you come up with a selection of questions that you can ask or find out about. Here are some suggestions for you:

  1. What support or extension programs do you have to cater for my child?
  2. What extra curriculum activities does your school offer students?
  3. What subjects to you offer in VCE? Is there a particular area your child wants to study? Is this catered for? What LOTE subject is offered?
  4. What is transport to the school like? How far do you want to travel and is the school reasonably close to home or work?
  5. Does the school’s policy on homework and discipline reflect your own values and expectations?
  6. Will the teachers and the school curriculum support your child’s development, including social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs?

Further information is available on the Department of Education & Training website:

School zones hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones for 2020 onwards.

Information on this site is updated in Term 1 each year, ready for the Year 6 to 7 transition period.

To visit the site, see:

If you have a question about school zones call the VSBA Hotline on 1800 896 950 or email


Final placement into a government school is in accordance with the guidelines of each individual college and the Department guidelines. Parents who are planning to send their children to private schools need to follow the process specific to that school but still need to complete the form that is sent home from our school.


If you have any questions or concerns about the process of transition to secondary school or selecting a school please speak with your classroom teacher or our Principal, Graeme Russell. 


Timeline for Government Schools

Parent Letter, secondary education information, and Application for enrolment form distributed to parents of Year  6 students

Return completed Application for Enrolment forms to The Basin Primary School
Written confirmation regarding secondary school placement sent to parents
Orientation Day: Year 6 students attend their chosen government secondary college


Local Secondary Colleges

  • Boronia K-12 College
  • Bayswater Secondary College
  • Heathmont College
  • Fairhills High School
  • Wantirna College
  • Scoresby Secondary College
  • Upwey High School
  • Monbulk College
  • Yarra Hills Secondary College (Mooroolbark)
  • Yarra Hills Secondary College (Mt Evelyn)
  • Mooroolbark College

To find your local Victorian Government schools, visit the Find My School website at: