Grade 6

TERM 2 2024


After a short and busy Term 1, we are looking forward to a great term of learning and experiences. Some events for the upcoming term include Education Week, Winter Sport Days and House Cross Country. There are quite a few additional events coming up. Please keep an eye out on Compass for information about The Anzac Day Ceremony, Courage to Care Incursion and Elephant Ed Sessions.


This term, in Writing, we will be following the Writer’s Workshop model. We will be focusing on poetry and explanation, and newspaper reports. Increasing writing stamina and independent writing skills will be an ongoing priority for the students.

As part of our Reading program all classes will be reading the story ‘Bindi’ by Kirli Saunders. Students will continue to create Reading Responses from both shared and independent texts. Becoming analytical and critical readers will be the focus for Term 2. We will also be delving into texts that explore ANZAC Day.

In Spelling, the students will be exploring various spelling strategies through word study as a class. These strategies focus on phonemes, visual cues, morphemes and etymology.

Students will be encouraged to see the connection between Reading, Writing and Spelling, as well as how they can transfer their learning between these three areas.

The Grade 6 team continue to use an open-ended, problem solving approach to their maths learning. This term the students will complete the following units: addition and subtraction strategies, converting between common metric units of length, choosing appropriate metric units when measuring length, creating graphs with multiple sets of data and time with a focus on timetables and elapsed time.


Challenge Based Learning
The CBL ‘Big Idea’ for Term 2 is Health. Specifically, we will be looking at Personal, Social and Community Health. This unit has elements from the Resilience Project and Respectful Relationships.


In addition to our classroom lessons, we will be having 3 incursion workshops, facilitated by a highly credentialed provider, Elephant Ed. These 3 incursion sessions will be spread through the term and cover areas such as puberty, embracing change and body safety.


We will also be having The Courage to Care incursion visit the year level again to build upon the discussions around diversity, inclusion and respectful relationships.


This term homework will continue to follow the same process as last term. Students will be expected to complete two tasks from the activity grid as well as the additional times tables practice and weekly reading. We will be focussing on quality of the final product completed with the students.


Homework will be handed out on a Tuesday and be returned on a Monday.   Time management is a skill we hope our students will continue to develop and improve on.


Compass & Class Dojo
Important information will be shared with you via Compass. This will include all permission forms for excursions. Please ensure you check this regularly. If you need to contact your child’s teacher, this should be done via Compass as well. Class Dojo will be use to send reminders and highlight some of the things that have been happening in the level.


Transition Information
Last term we had a few visits from some Secondary Schools in our area. The Year 6 to 7 Placement Information Pack 2024-25 will be distributed in Week 1 of Term 2.
Applications for Year 7 Placement for 2025 must be returned to school by Friday May 10. Please be aware that you are able to add three schools on your placement form. Any students who do not receive a place at their preferred school will be enrolled at their local neighbourhood school.


Families will be notified on July 17 of their successful placement. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions around this process.


We thank everyone for their support and look forward to a great term ahead.


Lisa MacLean, Claire Knight, Nick Jones and Deb Houghton