Grade 3

TERM 2 2024


We hope everyone had a well-deserved Easter holiday break after a busy Term1, and are ready to jump into a Term 2. We are sure this term will fly with lots of fun, activities and great learning experiences.



This term we will continue to build our reading capabilities. Students will continue to read a range of good-fit books and focus on developing their Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency while working to Expand their vocabulary. Students are encouraged to continue to complete daily reading at home and record this in their homework reading log.


As part of our Writer’s Workshops students will have opportunities to expand their thinking and writing ideas. They will be exposed to different text types with a focus on informative texts as we connect writing with our CBL ‘Big Idea’ Health.


In spelling students will investigate words to assist them to become metacognitive, strategic spellers. Students will participate in three 20- minute sessions a week to purposefully investigate words through 3 different lenses. These include what words look like (visual), what words sound like (phonemic), and the meaning or words (etymology). Rather than teaching spelling rules we are focusing of spelling generalisations.



Our approach to teaching mathematics will continue to provided open-ended tasks and games to allow students to engage in and pursue the development of their mathematical understanding. We will be learning about addition and subtraction and the relationship between these operations. Students will learn a range of mental and written strategies to help solve problems and equations. We will also focus on telling and representing time to the minute on both an analogue and digital clock. Along with this, students will have the opportunity to collect, record and display data. You can continue to support your child’s mathematical development at home by helping the practice their times tables and the reading of an analogue clock. A focus could be telling time to the minute.


Challenge Based Learning

Our CBL Big Idea this term is Health. Through this unit students will be involved in explicit teaching about the importance of being healthy and active and ways they can achieve this. They will look at how a healthy lifestyle can improve your physical and mental well-being. Students will respond to the challenge by identifying and improving an aspect of health in their own lives. As part our exploration of Health students will participate in an incursion run by Proactivity on April 30. Students will engage in active learning that is fun, and builds on their skills and self-esteem. They will be challenged through activities to develop their leadership, resilience and teamwork skills.



Homework will commence again in Week 2. It will be set on Tuesday and be due back on the following Monday. Homework will continue with a digital format using ‘Google Classroom’. Students will be expected to complete the set activities along with practising their times tables, and nightly reading. If you need a new copy of your child’s passwords or would prefer a hard copy of our weekly homework, please contact your child’s teacher.


We are looking forward to the learning opportunities in the term ahead.


Thank you for being involved in your child’s education and as always please see your child’s teacher if you have any questions, queries or concerns.


Caitlin Eagleton, Liana Ellis, Camille Hobbs, Nicki Stephens and Andrew Weekes