Grade 4

Term 2 2024


Welcome Back Welcome back to Term 2! We hope all families enjoyed a lovely break over the holidays and didn’t eat too much chocolate! It is always nice to have a break from the routine of making school lunches and running kids to sport. These holidays saw Mrs Hillier camping in Wangaratta and holidaying in Queensland, Mrs Stephens holidaying in Cape Schanck, Miss Parry preparing her baby nursery and Mrs Wiersema caravaning with family and friends to Wandiligong. This term is 11 weeks long and we have plenty to pack into this time.



During Term 2, we will continue to use the CAFE Menu (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expand Vocabulary) to underpin our reading lessons. Some of the strategies that students will study will be using text features, using reference tools, comparing and contrasting, analysing the author’s purpose, and making inferences. Our reading lessons will also complement our learning in other subjects including our CBL topic of Health and Writing. Teachers will post a ‘Parent Pipeline’ on Dojo which outlines what each week’s strategy is and how to support your child at home with it.


Writing & Spelling

This term in writing, we will be focusing on information reports and persuasive texts in our Writer’s Workshop. Our topics link closely to our CBL Big Idea of Health. We will continue to have a writing conference group each week to work with every student in a small group setting.

For spelling this term, we will be continuing with our whole word inquiries and independent spelling routine. We will collect the students' spelling words from their writing to address their individual needs. Focus groups will also be introduced in Term 2 to practise varied strategies.



In Maths this term we will be learning about addition - near doubles, split strategies, renaming and equivalent number sentences, subtraction - skip counting backwards, estimation and renaming, length - scaled instruments, time - am/pm, units of time and time duration and also angles - naming and classifying. We will also be having fun with our Maths project ‘Everybody Wins’ which looks at chance and data.



This term in CBL the Grade 4s will be studying a unit on Health. In this unit they will investigate strategies for staying safe, healthy and active, examining the benefits of physical activity on their health and wellbeing and studying the influence the media can have on people's health choices. The challenge will be to focus on an element of health each week for three weeks and record this on a Google Slide. This is to be completed as part of homework. During the last week of term, students will share their challenge response to a small group of their peers.



Homework will continue in Term 2, coming home on a Tuesday and due back the following Monday. It is important that the children complete the set tasks and return their homework in order to form good habits before reaching the senior school next year. Weekly practice of the times tables is also important as the times tables underpin our Mathematics system and are extremely beneficial in so many ways.


We are all looking forward to the term ahead. If at any time you have any concerns please do not hesitate to speak with us.

Jen Wiersema, Amy Hillier, Rebecca Dell and Beth Stephens